Taipei Transforms into a Bird Wonderland! Witness Conservation in Action at the Taipei International Birdwatching Fair

The theme of the 2020 22nd Taipei International Birdwatching Fair is A Wonderland for Birds. The Wild Bird Society of Taipei, a legal entity, will be hosting a series of events for the birdwatching fair on October 17th and 18th. The events are designed to help the public enjoy birdwatching and fall in love with local ecosystems starting right here in Taipei. Nature is never far as we spotlight Taipei as the bird wonderland that it is.

One of the Fair’s main events, Bird Count 1+1, will commence on the morning of October 17th. The public is welcomed to join us on Taipei’s top ten birdwatching routes at Shezidao, the Da’an Forest Park, Neigouli, NCCU, Zhuhai Road, the Guizikeng Campsite, the Zhongyi Trail, Guandu, the Guizikeng Drainage Canal, and the Linong Wetland. All routes are accessible through public transport and professional birdwatch tours will be offered by volunteers at each location. Head into the great outdoors to experience nature that is within your reach and awaken your love for local ecosystems.

The second event, the 2020 eBird Taiwan Autumn Challenge, is a collaboration with the birdwatch data platform – eBird Taiwan. The Challenge is an invitation to professional birders to seek out various bird species and upload their sightings online for a chance to win a special prize.

The Wide Game Series will be held at Guandu Nature Park, the primary locale for this year’s Birdwatching Fair. Participants will learn about habitats and bird species through games and activities scattered across the various isles. Complete to earn a raffle ticket that gives you a chance to win a special prize. The Bird Conservation Alliance will be exhibiting conservation efforts from various bird societies, conservation groups, and school clubs. The LOHAS Bird Market will offer cultural and creative products relating to birds and nature; the adorable designs will surely intrigue visitors of all ages. Consistently well-received, the annual WildViewTaiwan Film Festival in association with Wildscreen will offer viewers a snapshot into global conservation efforts.

The Society has also asked ecology experts to share on local ornithology issues and stories during the Birdwatching Fair so the public can gain a better understanding of the latest wild bird conservation efforts taking place all over the world. For the International Conference on Wetland Conservation and Protected Areas, we will be inviting foreign scholars and experts of related fields that have been living in Taiwan to interact with local habitat management scholars, experts, and stakeholders on a host of diverse topics relating to past conservation experiences and results.

Take advantage of this year’s biggest conservation event and invite your friends to head out with you into the bird wonderland of Taipei to enjoy nature and protect our environment. Join us in our efforts to make our wetland, mountain forest, river, and ocean habitats into a true Wonderland for Birds.

The 2020 22nd Taipei International Birdwatching Fair

Date: October 17th-18th (Sat & Sun)

Location: Guandu Nature Park

Tickets: Free Admissions

Events: Bird Count 1+1, Bird Conservation Alliance, Wide Game, Baby Bird Class, Civic Conservation, Birdwatching Supply Stations, LOHAS Bird Market, Ecology Lectures, the WildViewTaiwan Film Festival, etc.